Provided is a Launcher for Java desktop applications and is completly free (tokens depend on the respective application).
When using Provided, you automatically accept, that you have read the guide and rules. Keep in mind, that these can change at any time and you are responsible to keep yourself up-to-date.



You can sign up on the register page. Your username has to be unique and cannot be changed later.


You can sign in via the login page. Note that we do not use email addresses or so - only regular usernames.


In order to add an application to your account, you have to redeem a token. Every token can only be used once and is locked to your computer (verification implementation does vary on the respective application).
Each token has an expire date (might be lifetime) and it's lifespan does start when redeeming.


You have the possibility to remove the tokens verification (e.g. HWID) every 14 days if you are using a new device or some hardware components have changed.



Get the executable file from the official link. Other links may be malicious and should not be trusted.


The Provided Launcher itself is not infected. Some software might detect it as a virus due to the obfuscation. We are not liable for the safty of the applications that you execute via Provided, as the corresponding developers have full control of their code.


Before getting an application, you should test Provided on your machine. Ensure that all bellow listed requirements are met.

  1. Windows Operating System
  2. Active internet connection
  3. Hyper-V is disabled
  4. You are not using a virtual machine

Trouble shooting

We are fully aware of the fact, that there may occure some issues. Following sections could help you fix them on your machine. If your problem still exists, join our Guilded.

Server could not be reached, please try again later.

Try following methods if the message appears, that the server could not be reached.

  1. Start Provided a few times.
  2. If won't work, try to use a VPN until the application is started.
  3. The connection may be blocked by your antivirus. You can either disable your AV or exclude Provided.

Runtime issues

You may not have everything required pre-installed. Follow these steps to fix this issue.

  1. Close Provided
  2. Download and execute these
  3. Restart Provided

Flagged account

If your account got flagged for unauthorized access, there are multiple reasons.

  1. Too many invalid login attempts.
  2. Account got used on another device or some hardware components have changed.
  3. Manual ban due to inappropriate behaviour

Flaggs will be gone after 24 full hours, unless you got banned manually.

The Provided team can ban everyone at any time for any period for disobeying rules, behaving inappropriate and so on. We are not obliged to say the reason, nor do we need to provide any evidence. When using Provided, you automatically accept these conditions.

Reverse engineering