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Launcher solution

Are you a developer looking for an affordable and secure launcher solution? Exactly that's what Provided is.

We set high value on keeping everything of your application as private as possible, therefore we save your jar and libraries encrypted on our systems. The application gets loaded on-the-fly inorder to prevent people from reading your code.


In order to use Provided as a developer, you have to fulfill the following requirements.
  1. You do need an account, which you can create under Register.
  2. For security reasons, everybody with write-access to your application, has to activate Two-Factor Authentication.

Additional features

Along with its basic functionality, Provided comes with several additional features. The costs range from EUR 5.00 to EUR 10.00 each.


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us on Discord. Provided#5886 (only for interested developers) If you are looking for regular support, please join our Guilded.